Thursday, August 26, 2010

OMG the funniest Miss Sri Lanka ever on YouTube! Or is it?

This girl has been the laughing stock of Srilanka for the past couple of days, thanks to the YouTube video that's being circulated on Facebook and what not. So here's what I think but this is just my opinion so just read it and toss it over yr shoulder :)

The video is hilarious! Me and my colleagues laughed till we cried. But hers wasn't the only funny video. Miss USA thought 'oh wim oh weh - oh wim oh weh' was the sound of a lion.. What? oh yeah lol. Then Miss China thought 'Pong! Tush!' was the sound of a rocket. And mind you, many of those rockets literary blew up as they went up haha! Oh and Miss France thought that rockets do a "count up" and she goes "un, deux, trois, quatre, cinq..." - that's like 1,2,3,4,5; instead of a count down haha how funny is that? :D

But then again, they must be nervous right? And the differences in the answers give us a nice little cross section of the world communities and how they comprehend certain ideas is pretty interesting. I actually thought the sound effects were a brilliant idea later on, after watching about 10 or 15 contestants. Just randomly watch a few of those videos and you'll think so too.

Finally, this girl has all the right to contest and you can't blame people for passing this video around and laughing at her expense because it's actually very funny! So whose fault is it?? The judges! And not only the ones in Srilanka, but going by these videos, in many other countries too. Hopefully the so called organizers of this event and other events like this should learn a darn good lesson. THEY are the laughing stock of the country.. no worse.. Universe. People must be saying.. what the heck were they thinking???? Yeah, what the heck were you thinking 'judges'? 

Alright then, what if she WAS the best out of the whole lot? Then let me ask you this. How come girls with better looks or personality or both don't contest? Take a wild guess.. That surely must say something about the standard of these contests, at least in local level and also about the way our society look at girls who go for these. In general, there are people who either are not qualified enough (in this case, the beauty and brains department) to contest OR will not, because they don't have the guts to.. But are waiting to see who does, and slander them. And in a country where. when a pretty girl who is highlighted in media gets married, people are gathering to ask who's the idiot who married her and she's a like this and that.. do you think an unassuming girl who contest for Miss Srilanka stands a chance?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What's keeping moi busy?

So, what's keeping me busy?? WORK!! 

But that doesn't mean it's boring. Far from it actually...

Since I've embraced the web division at my work place with open arms and turned my back against the news division... lol okay, news was interesting but web feels like.. this-is-where-I-should've-been-all-my-life! and I totally look forward to coming to work every day.

So what do I do at the web division? Well, our division handles 7 websites - 3 for tv, 3 for radio and 1 for news. I've been given responsibility of 1 tv, 1 radio and the news site with a colleague of mine who overlooks me (let's call him "W" shall we?). Now, this doesn't mean I'm a serious techi, but maybe I'm such a wanabe and I'm loving all the new things I'm learning. I love that feeling you get when you work on something and hit 'refresh' and voila! the results are online LOL yeah yeah it's lame but isn't it just awesome? :D

And lately I started writing 'newsy' articles for our news website. Well, it's actually called "featured" articles but I want to make a brand new blog site for the articles and get with the web 2.0 and "W" is going to help me - the noobie to make it happen very soon. Hopefully I'll share the link when it's done.

Apart from all that, I manage all of the Social Media accounts and Social Media Marketing aspects for the two English tv and radio channels as well as news. That itself keeps me totally busy. Social Media and SMM are beginning to catch on really strong in Sri Lanka and I'm learning all I can these days. Actually, if you remember, the 5-day U.S. tour that I went on, in March (a completely free tour, thanks to the U.S. Embassy in Colombo and the Foreign Press Center in U.S.) was because of the work I've been doing on Social Media for the media organisations I've been working for during the past one-and-half years or so, as well as on my own. Guess it paid off pretty sweet yeah?

Aaaand my Social Media adventures continue....! This Saturday, I'm going to attend the first Social Media Marketing work shop.