About Me


I have a pretty long name but most people call me Indu. I'm from the suburbs of Colombo, Sri Lanka. My hubby and I live with my parents along with 2 cute cats and some crazy dogs.

My background is in science and chemistry although I've been writing poetry and random thoughts since my early teen years. I've blogging 'in hiding' for about 10 years but it was after venturing into media in 2008 that I finally decided to 'come out' as a blogger.

At this point in time, I'm heading the Social Media division of a leading digital media agency in Colombo. On a typical work day I monitor the activities of my team who update and manage many social networking accounts, meet clients and engage in the most hilarious conversations with my team.

I'm curious and I have my opinions. I may or may not agree with you on various things but that's just my opinion and nothing personal. And this blog, "In My Opinion" is where I write down random thoughts, things that I notice and later are stuck in my head in an annoying way.. and stuff that I get seriously involved with in my day-to-day life. I hope you like reading this blog as much as I do writing. I would totally love reading your comments and if you're a blogger yourself, just leave your link behind and I'll follow through to read your blog sometime :)