Sunday, November 28, 2010

The #CEB list - aka CEB-naughty-and-nice-list

Most parts of Srilanka.. if not all of Srilanka had a power failure this evening.. I just logged into Twitter as soon as it happened and realized that my timeline was flooded with #powercut tweets. We all had our theories as to why there was a power cut or a failure and soon the news came that :
 "Power failure in sevaral parts of the country at the moment. Steps are being taken to rectify it soon-CEB-Daily Mirror"
And few minutes later :
"Electricity disrupted in many parts of the island due to tripping of the main transmission line from Kotmale to Biyagama - Chariman CEB"

After a while.. my friends on Twitter started reporting they got electricity back.. one by one. And @YasirNasir put out this interesting 'theory' that :
"Ah, you're further away from Colombo, that's why. Usually power comes back inside Colombo first."
And that...
 "My theory was CMB usually is on the top of restoration list, doesn't mean other areas don't get power back. :P"

I almost bought it until... @Isharajay in Gampaha reported that he got power back before @Moshanthi and @CocoVeranda from Colombo 07 reported they got power. So I thought I'd do a bit of digging in..